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  • Claire McFarlane


During 16 Days of Activism 2017 and a particularly rough day for me, I was inspired to right this poem for a Facebook post. So many of us are surviving something and at times, it's hard to see past the struggle. I had such an amazing response on Facebook that I thought I would share this on my blog. May it inspire you and give you hope. You are not alone!


You know those dark moments, the ones when think you won't make it through.

When the idea of staying in bed for days, hidden from the world, seems so tempting.

When you look in the mirror and disrespect what you see.

When your skin crawls and the voice inside is raging but all you can do is cry.

When you ask yourself, 'Why me? Why the f*#k did it happen to me?'

When the daze is like a chasm, your life carries on but you can't connect to it.

When the exhaustion hits.

When you're at the bottom and can't see a way out.

Then, you reach up and catch a glimpse of hope. A kind word. An 'I believe you'. A book of inspiration. Someone else's story. A helping hand. A song.

Rising up, wings spread wide, you soar. For awhile at least.

You know you will plummet into the darkness again. It's okay. It's not the first nor the last.

Each time it gets easier to rise again. The power in your wings takes you higher and further.

There is strength in accepting when you are weak.

Don't be afraid of the darkness.


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