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Fishing boats and beach running in Vietnam

Footsteps To Inspire takes me to beaches off the beaten track or to places where we wouldn't even think about the beach. 16 kilometres is a long distance and sometimes I discover hidden gems or have unexpected experiences. In Zanzibar last year I actually ran from one town to a remote part of the world like this, each town is unique and has it's own soul. Jambiani where I started is a working village, men fish and women grow algaes. Paje, the town where I turned around is a little more touristy and well known for the good kite-surfing winds.

In many parts of the world, the beach is still for working. A journey that humbles me at every turn and makes me so grateful for the life I get to live.

My most recent run was in Vietnam at Ho Tram Beach - about 150km from Ho Chi Minh City - on Sunday 2 December 2018. There is not much info in English about this beach because it's not on the tourist track. The beach goes for miles. I began my run in one direction but didn't feel a safe energy so turned around and headed in the national park direction. So amazing. Lots of families on the beach enjoying the water and 9 kilometres down the beach I came across these boats. They are fishermen bowls. First time seeing a round fishing boat - I'm curious to see how they work in the waves. Not fishermen about to talk to and my Vietnamese is non existant anyway. Being afternoon, the fisherman were already chilling from their morning of work. I enjoyed the moment to take some photos and explore the boats. Quite cool that this photo definitely tells us I'm in Vietnam because of the tattered flag flying in the wind.

Vietnam takes me to 45 countries on the Footsteps To Inspire journey. You can read more about my time in Vietnam here

Footsteps To Inspire in Vietnam beach running


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