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  • Claire McFarlane

Save the Date: Global virtual run to help survivors of sexual violence

The Footsteps To Inspire Global Run is going from strength to strength and it’s all thanks to you.

Yup, you. Because without you and your support, how is a global run even possible?

‘Dah’, I can hear you say. But I’m serious.

In July 2016, I set out on a journey into the unknown to run 16kms of beach in every country of the world, campaigning to end sexual violence. I had a vision and seeds of hope but no clue what would await me as I moved from country to country. No one has done this kind of change making journey before.

Despite the many challenges, the lack of funds and a pandemic, I’ve held onto the vision and those seeds of hope.

And the most remarkable thing of all, YOU have shared my vision and helped me plant those seeds of hope.

A global virtual run, every year, to honour survivors of sexual violence, inspire conversations and collectively create safe spaces.

A vision that is becoming reality.

This year, on 18 July 2021, the third Footsteps To Inspire Global Run took place.

Many of you joined in for this special day, walking, running and even swimming to show support for survivors of sexual violence.

We were 29 countries in total and collectively we raised AU$ 2,300.

But we did even more than run and raise funds.

You might be asking: ’How does running with you help rape survivors?’

One of the number 1 reasons a survivor of sexual violence or rape doesn’t ask for help is because they don’t know who they can trust. They don’t know who is a safe person.

When you participate in a Footsteps To Inspire run. And you tell other people about it. You are sending a message to your entourage that you care about the issue. That you are potentially a safe person.

This can be life changing for a survivor!

If you missed the global run this year, no stress because you can join us in 2022. Yes, the date is already in the Footsteps To Inspire diary so feel free to save it in yours.

SAVE THE DATE for the 2022 Footsteps To Inspire Global Run

Sunday 17 July 2022

Use this link and and tell me in the discussion tab how many kilometres you will run (or walk or swim).

Together, we make the difference! Speak up, speak out, we need you ❤️

Big thanks

Claire 🌸




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