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Get behind a worthy cause

SPONSOR Footsteps To Inspire, connect globally & help make our communities safer

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> Why Sponsor?

Connect: with global communities in every country of the world

Do good: get behind a meaningful cause that is making our communities safer and more peaceful

Promote: solutions to a globally relevant issue and encourage positive female roles models

Inspire: a new generation of thought leaders and help make the world a better place

In each country, I link with local communities, organisations, government services and survivors to peacefully talk, share stories and raise awareness on sexual violence. People join me as I run 16 kilometres, barefoot, along a stretch of beach. In Papua New Guinea, 200 people joined me for the run, inspired by a collective voice and many asking if it could become an annual event. In Tanzania, villagers traveled over 150km to be at the run, motivated by the cause and are committed to making it happen every year. In Nicaragua, the Hilton Hotel paid for a bus so that their employees could join me for the run 200km away. These are just a few stories from the countries I have been to so far. Can you imagine how amazing it will be after I've run in all 230?

Individuals and businesses are inspired by my peaceful message and want to get behind this heroic expedition. You can to!

> I need help to keep going

To date, I have self-financed the journey and covered all of my own travel expenses. I also received some minor funding through donations, speaking engagements and in-kind collaboration with businesses and services. I had enough funds to get me to 20 countries and through careful budgeting, I reached a further 15.

The reality for me right now is that I need help to keep going. 


> Sponsor me for a country or more

I understand that it is not always possible to consider a full-blown sponsorship so I wanted to make it flexible for you and your business to get behind the cause in a way that works for you. You can sponsor me for one country or a few, it is up to your budget.

The idea came about when a small business in South Africa asked how they could help. They don't want to see me stop and offered to help me get to one more country. Thank you Hein and the team at PPM Media!


Do you want to help me keep going?

> I'm ready to sponsor

> I want to know more 

Funds raised will go towards the cost of the trip itself, help me to keep running 16km of beach in 230 countries, support me in promoting a message of peace around the world, allow me to talk with more organisations, services and survivors and ultimately bring an end to sexual violence.

> Why is Footsteps To Inspire good for business?

Sexual violence is a globally relevant issue that affects 1 in 4 women, 1 in 6 men and 230 million children each year. There is no stereotype which means that it's a problem that impacts all of us. It affects our loved ones, our friends, our communities, our employees and our clients. 

As a business owner, showing your staff and customers that you care about this issue and want to make meaningful change, sets you up for increased business success. How?


By supporting Footsteps To Inspire, you will actively be promoting a culture of safety amongst your teams; increase productivity by supporting staff in need; and elevate your business profile amongst your peers as a business that wants to do good. It's a win-win for everyone!

> Footsteps To Inspire is a movement that will live on for years to come!

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