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What is Footsteps To Inspire about and how is Claire making a difference? 

READ - read more about the journey and my story here.

BLOG - sharing country updates, reflections, travel tips, staying healthy and lots of info about the journey. See more here.

WATCH - watch my TEDx Talk - learn how I survived a really violent rape and why I'm using sport to create change.

Take action now! 


JOIN ME - join me for a run in your country or somewhere else. Click here for travel schedule and updates. Or signup for the newsletter (they come each month - promise not to spam your inbox with anything else).

DONATE -  help Footsteps To Inspire reach more countries. Every dollar will go to changing a life. And that life might be someone you know and love, or it could even be you. Donate now.

SPONSOR - if you are a business or individual and want to get behind this heroic expedition, Sponsor me for a country or more.   


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Are you looking for an inspirational speaker ? 

I would love to. Head over to the Speaking Page for more information. You can also reach out to me directly and I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

Is Claire available to provide workshops? 

YES - I can tailor any keynote talk to include workshops or deliver a workshop specifically for your staff, sporting teams, students and others. Head over to the Speaking Page for more info.  


I'm a survivor of sexual violence, what can I do? 


Please know that it was not your fault and I believe you.

If you need to speak to someone, have a look in your local area for organisations that offer counselling and support. You can even call LifeLine - they are trained to direct you to the right kind of help. I will be updating this website soon with support services as I visit each country. 


You can always reach out to me here. Please know you are not alone.

Contact Me: Click here

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