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Can I get a tax deduction? 

Yes, in Switzerland. Footsteps To Inspire is a nonprofit project and registered as an NGO in Geneva by the name of Association Movement To Inspire. It is recognised by Swiss tax authorities as a nonprofit and donations are tax deductible. The minimum limit will depend on each Canton. IDE Number: CHE-199.188.479

How will my donation be used?

In 2023, your donation will contribute to the following goals for Footsteps To Inspire: 

  • Help Footsteps To Inspire reach sexual violence survivors in 8 countries: Tunisia / Netherlands / Liechtenstein / Vanuatu / New Caledonia / Tonga / Samoa / Timor Leste

  • Support the launch of an online safe space for survivors of sexual violence - more info here.

  • Help provide educational tools and resources to young people about consent and sexual violence prevention. 

  • Provide access for Claire to speak to perpetrators in prisons as part of a restorative justice program

Why US Dollars?

We are limited to choose one currency with this donation tool. Because our supporters are all over the world, USD is a widely recognised currency. When you click on Donate, you should be given the option to choose the currency you want to pay in. Thanks for your understanding. 

Become a supporter

One of the biggest hurdles facing survivors of sexual violence is the fear to tell somebody. This will prevent them from getting the help needed to heal or seek justice.  For children, it is the risk of repeated abuse because no one knows. DONATE TODAY and help Footsteps To Inspire reach more survivors, bring a voice to their silence and provide resources needed, to not only survive but thrive.

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