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One of the biggest hurdles facing survivors of sexual violence is the fear to tell. This will prevent them from getting the help needed to heal or seek justice.  For children, it is the risk of repeated abuse because no one knows.

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People often ask me how do I keep going? How do I sacrifice my life and my time to give to others in this way?


The journey will take 5 years of intensive travel, of listening to painful stories and putting other parts of my life on hold. Yet I don’t see this as a sacrifice rather my purpose and turning my own rape into something positive, something that can help others, something that will make a difference. A way of showing the world that there is no shame or blame when it comes to sexual violence and that we can thrive.

I recently ran in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. Women and men joined me for the run. Some traveled as far as 150km to be there. Many of the women form part of an organisation supporting widows. In certain parts of the world, if a woman loses her husband she is forced to marry another man from the husband’s family. Or if not, she must remain a widow all her life, stripped of her worldly possessions and children. There is a lot of rape in these situations and often girl children are sexually exploited.  One of the ladies who came to the run in Dar Es Salaam opened up for the very first time. She has been part of the organisation for 5 years and never told anyone. At the run, after hearing my story, this lady came and asked for help for her daughter who had been raped by her husband’s family after he passed away. She had broken the silence and now her daughter could get help.


This is why I keep going. No matter how hard it gets, if I get to change one life like in Dar Es Salaam it’s all worth it.

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