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What is Footsteps To Inspire?

Footsteps To Inspire will see me (Claire McFarlane) run 16 kilometres of beach, barefoot, in every country and dependency of the world to promote peace and inspire change for survivors of sexual violence. That's 230 countries and over 3500 kilometres of beach in less than 5 years. 

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An inclusive, global sports movement to peacefully end sexual violence. Creating peaceful dialogue across cultures and uniting global communities is the core value of Footsteps To Inspire and what shapes the way I approach this social-change initiative.

Footsteps To Inspire will take me approximately 5 years to complete and I move country every 7 to 10 days. In each country, I link with local services and NGOs, gives talks to community groups, universities and schools, interviews with media, and invites others to join me for the 16 kilometre run. This is about inclusive dialogue and includes all types of organisations and community groups. 

What is the future?


Through this remarkable social-change expedition, I aim to leave a lasting legacy and would like to use this achievement to further the goals of Footsteps To Inspire.


Some of the longterm goals include:

  • An annual global run to strengthen communities and inspire change

  • Professional speaking engagements: to inspire, educate and empower

  • Produce short, ‘selfie-style’ video episodes from each country made available on Youtube

  • Build an Organisation that becomes a global thought leader on promoting peace and ending sexual violence

  • Establish a self-defence wellness program based on one-for-one giving available globally and adapted across cultures and languages

  • Develop a Support/Safety App that people around the world can use to stay safe in their city, while travelling or access in the event of crisis

  • Write a series of books

  • Consult and advise on best-practices techniques

My global vision is to promote peace, inspire change and improve the outcome for survivors of sexual violence forever. I hope that these endeavours will one day be recognised through a Nobel Peace Prize.

How is the expedition funded?

To date, I have self-financed the journey and cover all of my own travel expenses. I also receives some minor funding through donations, speaking engagements and in-kind collaboration with businesses and services.


To keep making a positive impact and reach survivors, I need public support and funding to complete this journey. I'm actively looking for financial sponsorship. Funds raised will go towards the cost of the trip itself, and allow me to meet with non-profit organisations, reach survivors around the world and contribute to local programs where possible.

What makes Footsteps To Inspire unique?

Footsteps To Inspire is no ordinary adventure! It represents physical challenge, solo female travel, sport, peaceful dialogue, cultural consideration, human rights, positive empowerment, healing, safety, social responsibility and the wonder of the natural world.

It’s a a world first! I will be the first person, and woman, to run 16 kilometres of beach in every country and dependency of the world. Over 3500 kilometres of beach and 230 countries.

Footsteps To Inspire is a social cause with a strong, peaceful vision and making a difference for survivors of sexual violence globally.

An expedition that portrays a positive female role model who is using beach running as a restorative and empowering tool to heal, and to inspire others that it is possible to thrive after trauma.

A mission that will produce interesting, useful data: detailed information on issues and best practice for survivors of sexual violence in every country of the world (from the perspective of the survivor). This type of report currently does not exist.


An adventure that peacefully traverses cultures, unites global communities and showcases some of the most beautiful, natural beach locations of the world. I'm trying my best to document this journey of human and natural interconnection through photography and ‘vlog-style' documentaries.

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